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All our applications and products

At IQatalyst we develop, produce and sell catalysts. About 80% of all daily lives products are made using a catalyst. The catalysts that IQatalyst makes in the Meern are used in various applications. Our product is frequently used in, for example, the food industry or in the petrochemical industry. Our research and development team is continuously designing new technologies for the markets. IQatalyst produces those catalysts according to all relevant regulations.

What is a catalyst?

Sometimes stirring or heating is not enough for a chemical reaction to take place between two substances. The wrong substance arises, sometimes the chemical reaction is simply not fast enough or there is far too little of the chemical compound you want. Then a catalyst offers a solution.

A catalyst ensures that the right chemical connection is formed and fewer waste products are created. And often the catalyst also ensures that the chemical process becomes more energy efficient. That is why catalysts are used in so many chemical processes.