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Fatty nitril hydrogenation

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Our nickel based catalysts were optimized to hydrogenate fatty nitriles to form partly or fully hydrogenated fatty amines. Depending on the reaction conditions applied, both primary as well as higher alkyl amines can be obtained. Our catalysts can be used as aid in the processing or transformation of raw materials, foodstuffs or their ingredients.

Fatty nitril hydrogenation products:

Nysofact® 237

IQatalyst’s Nysofact® 237 is a highly effective catalyst for the hydrogenation of fatty nitriles to fatty amines. It can be steered towards the production of saturated as well as unsaturated fatty amines. Nysofact® 237 is sold reduced and protected in waxy secondary amine droplets.

E 480 P RS

IQatalyst product E 480 P RS is a versatile 65% nickel powder catalyst on a proprietary support. The catalyst is sold in reduced-CO2-stabilized form. E 480 P RS is applied in the production of fatty amines from nitriles due to its high selectivity and good filtration characteristics. It is also used in the hydrogenation of aromatics and olefins as well as in the reduction of carbonyls and nitro groups.

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Robert Terörde
Managing Director